Friday, January 30, 2009

Tips Looking Younger

How long have you been 25 (and older)? And many say that 20 is the new 40 these days. There was a time when you can still run away with it, but now, are people starting to doubt if you really are as young as you say you are? Ok, so you probably look younger than your age, but your lie should be believable. And to do that, you have to be very youthful and fresh. Defy the aging process with the following tips.

Change your outfits. Look at the fashion today and see if your clothes resemble the ones you see in magazines, or if they look grandma-ish. What you wear says a lot about you. Since you’re getting a bonus this year, spend some of it on new and trendy clothes. Throw out those mommy jeans.

Work out. All the hip women of today are looking awesome because of their toned abs and arms. Join them by spending a few minutes of your time on a treadmill.

Sport a trendy hairstyle. Finding the right hairstyle will do wonders for your look. Bangs can hide wrinkles. In choosing the right style, consider your face shape and complexion. For best results, go to a pro stylist.

Wear make-up. Some women hesitate to wear make-up because it “covers natural beauty”. But it’s not at all true. Given the right make-up, your natural beauty can be enhanced and protected from the damaging effects of pollution and aging.


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