Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beauty with Herbal Skin Care

The skin is essentially the largest organ in the body and performs many vital roles as both a barrier and a regulating influence between the outside world and the controlled environment within the body.
Skin type differs between individuals; sensitive skin is skin that stings easily, especially during or just after cleansing. Oily skin attracts dirt and bacteria and may lead to acne and pimples. Normal skin also needs regular regime for health.
Water alone as a cleanser is not quite enough: removing dirt and grease that sticks to the skin forms a major aspect of cleansing. Use of soaps in skincare will dry the skin and lead to itchiness. Lemon (Citrus Limon) and honey (Meldespumatum) are alternatives to soap as lemon removes grime and oil while honey has antibacterial, antiseptic properties and prevents scar formation. Honey is increasingly being used to treat infected wounds and has been found to be effective in common wound infections.
Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) provides a cooling effect through its good smelling volatile oils and has healing properties, especially for oily or sensitive skin.
Sunflower (Heydichium spicatum) has soothing properties and is regularly used as a massaging agent.
Sandal tree (Santalum album) is useful for alleviating itchy and inflammatory conditions of the skin. It is commonly used as a household remedy by applying a paste of sandalwood on skin rashes and itchy skin.
Carica papaya (papaya) is a small tree with straight and soft stem with leaf scars on it. The fruits are a good source of pection. It removes freckles and smoothes the skin.
The juice of lemon is rich a source of vitamin C. it protects the skin from skin from oxidative damage and helps in preventing pruritus.
There are many natural herbs are available which helps us in skin care.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cleanliness For Good Health

Cleanliness for good health.Personal cleanliness ,like good nutrition,is a health habit which benefits the entire body.You have seen that it is important to the health of your skin,teeth,and hair,and that it is a safeguard against infection.It is also important to your mental health. There is more to cleanliness than having clean skin and hair.You hair should be arranged neatly and attractively.Your clothes,too,should be clean,pressed and comfortable.
It is certainly true that one not only looks better when his body and clothes are fresh and clean,he also feels better. Exercise.You know that in order to be healthy you must have some physical activity daily. The kind of exercise and the amount will depend upon your physical condition and,to some extent,your It will also depend upon other circumstances-for example,whether or not you have companions with whom to do thing. Exercise develops not only the muscles,but other organs of your body as well.From both team games and individual sports you will get a sense of confidence and well-being.
You may have herd people,even high school students,grumble that they do not get enough exercise.
They may give a variety of reasons.Lack of time is one But this is not a good excuse.No matter how busy people are,they have a little leisure time
Some people claim that they have no place in which to exercise.Yet there are generally a number of possibilities,if one looks.Public parks provide tennis courts, riding trails, swimming pools, and skating rinks.There are many recreation centers. Of course, one can always go for a walk.